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Mark Burton Tiny House 3

Traditional Garden Cabins

Mark Burton is widely know for his unique Pixie House that was showcased on Shed of the Year 2015 and his Tiny House designs, but he also designs and builds beautiful garden cabins full of traditional charm and detailing.

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Pool House Garden Rooms

Timeless Garden Rooms have a lot of expereince designing pool houses in a traditional style which feature changing facilities and equipment rooms.

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Garden office video tour

Warwick Buildings have put together an informative video tour which showcases several designs and looks at different elements of the construction and the materials they have chosen to use.

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Garden Room Design Details: Living Roofs

We are continuing our look at design details which make a garden room stand out. Today we are looking at living roofs and showing you some of the best examples we’ve seen over the years.

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Configure your own garden office

The Garden Office are one of a handful of suppliers who offer an online configurator, which allows you to mix and match features to design your own layout and style of garden office.

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5.6m x 4.2m Garden Office

This recent project by The Garden Office is a 5.6m x 4.2m garden office, this is a large building with space for several workers, or a room that has enough space for both work and leisure zones.

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Different modular garden room layouts

The Garden Office’s online configurator lets you mix and match their modular panels and create your own garden room layout, in this article we look at some of the different buildings created with it.

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Modular garden rooms

The Garden Office’s design configurator has proved a big hit, and we thought we would showcase some of the different layouts created by it

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The Garden Office Configurator

The Garden Office have launched a rather nifty Configurator on their website which allows you design your own garden office, playing around with the different options available, whilst clearly showing how your choices will effect the price.

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