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The Garden Office Configurator

The Garden Office have launched a rather nifty Configurator on their website which allows you design your own garden office, playing around with the different options available, whilst clearly showing how your choices will effect the price.

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Solar Powered Tiny House

It is exciting watching the development of the Tiny House UK range, hot on the heels of their kit range of Tiny Houses being tested in the Daily Mail, the team behind the range have just completed the first ‘off grid’ model.

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Flexible designs from The Garden Office

The modular makeup of The Garden Office’s range of buildings leads to great flexibility is the final configuration of the building, and by mixing an matching sections of wall and glazing you can create a unique building

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How much do garden rooms cost to run?

Like any room in your house a garden room has ongoing running costs for heat and light, and a customer recently emailed us to ask “how much do garden rooms cost a year to run?”

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Garden Room Ideas

With 75+ suppliers on The Garden Room Guide, it can take a while to create a shortlist to explore further, so we have created an overview of our featured suppliers

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The Garden Office Video

A good video introduction into buying and building with The Garden Office, well worth a watch as it gives you an insight to the different stages of the build.

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The Garden Office

Not all new garden office suppliers mark their debut in the market with an appearance on a high profile TV show, but that’s exactly what The Garden Office did this week, appearing prominently of the Chanel 4 TV show Double Your House For Half The Money.

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The Garden Office on TV

The benefits of investing in a Garden Office are to be explored in a new episode of Double Your House for Half the Money on Channel 4.

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The Home Office Company

One of the iconic garden room designs is making a fresh mark on the market. This classic garden room design sits well in a garden environment and stands out in a market full of contemporary cubes.

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Fine tune your own garden room design

Warwick Garden Offices have sent through some photos of their latest builds, each one is different as Warwick offer customers the chance to fine tune their deigns to meet their needs.

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Vale Garden Houses

On the whole this website focuses on stand alone garden rooms, but of course the traditional Garden Room is a room attached to the house, a solid roof alternative to a conservatory or orangery.

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