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Replace a shed with a garden room

Do you have a shed which is looking a little tired? Well you can easily replace it with a modern, fully insulated garden room, that will be a wonderful place to spend time.

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A garden studio 2 years on

We feature lots of pictures of brand new garden rooms, but what do they look like as they age?

Sanctum Garden Studios have sent through details of this garden studio they installed in Preston 2 years ago.

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A garden designers studio

When a garden designer was looking for a studio for her garden, a garden with difficult access – The Stealth from Sanctum Garden Studios fitted the bill.

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The Stealth fitted the bill – perfectly

The Stealth has a simple design, yet features key design elements such as a glazed wall, is quick to install and has a very attractive price point – it starts at £4995 plus delivery costs.

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Bespoke Music Studio

Sanctum Garden Studios recently created a music studio for one of their clients with sound insulation features

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A garden room can fit in the tightest of spaces!

Ideally you will have a large site for a garden room, with space around each side, but this is not an ideal world and you may only have a small space at the side of the house, as was the case for this Sanctum Garden Studios customer.

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