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Garden Office Guide: Cotsmill Garden Offices

Today we ask Cotsmill Garden Offices questions about their garden offices: What is your most popular garden office design? It is fairly evenly split between our Traditional and Contemporary models. Why does your design make the perfect garden office, how have you made it user friendly? We have a number of designs which customers can […]

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5 Minutes With Cotsmill Garden Offices

The latest interview in our 5 mins with… series is with Cotsmill Garden Offices What makes your company / garden rooms unique? Cotsmill Garden Offices offer customers the design they want, as bespoke as they like, but at an affordable price which is comparable or cheaper than off the shelf offerings from other providers. We […]

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New Cotsmill Garden Offices Range

Recently completed in North Wales Costmill Garden Offices have installed the first of their new Avant Garde model which will be used as a therapy room for an Autistic young girl. Within the 2.5m x 3m building a specialist company is incorporating a number of sensory items such as a projector, soft walls and disco ball to make the […]

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Cotsmill Garden Offices Gallery

Cotsmill Garden Offices have sent through these photos of a couple of their recent installations. [flagallery gid=50 name=”Gallery”] Gallery requires flash Cotsmill offer both traditional and contemporary style garden offices at affordable prices, for more information visit the Cotsmill Garden Offices website.

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Cotsmill Garden Offices Launch New Range

Cotsmill Garden Offices have just launched a new range of contemporary garden offices – the Avant Garde. Expanding on the demand for low height garden offices, Cotsmill have designed the Avant Garden with a flat roof which is covered in the popular and highly durable EPDM rubber, the roof has an overhang on the front […]

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The Pitched Roof Garden Studio is Back!

We’re delighted to see that pitched roof garden studios are back on designers drawing boards, the last few months have seen new pitched roof garden studio designs by Decorated Shed, Garden Spaces and Studioni hit the market. Where did the pitched roof go? Nowhere! There has been a core collection of classic pitched roof garden […]

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Buy a Garden Room on eBay

You can buy virtually anything these days on eBay – even fully insulated garden rooms! A simple search of eBay brought up a number of garden room listings including listings by The Home Office Company and Cotsmill Garden Offices, suppliers we feature regularly here on The Garden Room Guide. Cotsmill Garden Offices have a number […]

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Garden Studios – Best on a Budget

With money not flowing as freely these days we thought it would be interesting to see what types of garden studio we could buy with a budget of £12,000. Our search was not to find the cheapest garden studios on offer, but those that offered the best combination of size, specification and price. Here are […]

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Cotsmill Garden Offices – Testimonial

The team at Cotsmill Garden Offices have sent us this photo of a recent installation to a customer in Oxfordshire of a bespoke 2.5m x 4m building from their Contemporary range. Installed within a week of the owner moving into their new house Cotsmill Garden Office owner John Stimpfig, who runs his business from his […]

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Cotsmill Garden Offices Special Offer

Marking their first anniversary Cotsmill Garden Offices would like to offer readers of The Garden room Guide 10% off their already competitive prices on orders placed by 10th August 2010. As part of this anniversary the company is also committing to plant two trees for each office built, an industry first. Cotsmill Garden Offices provide […]

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Cotsmill Garden Offices

Cotsmill Garden Offices offer two distinctive garden offices, a traditional office which features a pitched tiled roof, and a flat roofed contemporary garden office. Each building is built to order so the customer has flexibility in choosing the positioning of the doors and windows, and the level of specification. Cotsmill Garden Offices are built using […]

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