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Do your research…

Garden rooms are a significant investment and a large object that you are going to be using, and looking at daily so it’s a good idea if you do some research before you buy. You have made a good start by visiting The Garden Room Guide and we aim to give you information about garden […]

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Garden room of the month – Blue Forest

Each month our editor takes a look at the best garden rooms on the market, January’s choice is an individually designed ‘pool house’ by Blue Forest. Many garden room suppliers profess to offer a bespoke design service but in reality just adapt their standard designs; a truly bespoke design service starts with a blank sheet […]

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Blue Forest

Blue Forest stands out from other garden room manufacturers because they build tree houses. Tree houses are no longer only the domain of children – far from it, Blue Forest create magical, inspirational spaces for adults. Don’t think because you don’t have a suitable tree you can’t have a Blue Forest building as they can […]

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