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Gudie to garden room wall construction

A step by step garden studio build

One of the many benefits of The Stealth range from Sanctum Garden Studios is the speed in which it can be installed. This series of photos shows the progress of the build in roughly hour long intervals. The team started work at 8.30am when the base of the building was installed and was fully completed by 3.30pm the same day!

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A garden studio 2 years on

We feature lots of pictures of brand new garden rooms, but what do they look like as they age?

Sanctum Garden Studios have sent through details of this garden studio they installed in Preston 2 years ago.

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Garden Rooms Magazine

In this issue of Garden Rooms Magazine we look at the various options you have when it comes to cladding, what you can buy on a budget of £12k to £20k and we chat to Booths Garden Studios about their buildings.

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Innovations at Garden Spaces

It’s exciting for us to witness new innovations in garden room design, whether they be new design features or the use of cutting edge materials, one of the leaders in garden room innovation is Garden Spaces who consistently are pushing the envelope and coming up with new features.

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Garden Room Guttering

There is a debate amongst garden room suppliers over the inclusion of rainwater collection systems in garden room specifications – some suppliers include them as standard whilst others don’t think they are necessary, our opinion is that guttering is a must on garden rooms having witnessed how much water can be collected from even the […]

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How does Western Red Cedar age?

Western Red Cedar is by far the most popular cladding for garden rooms, this is because it requires no ongoing maintenance and has a long lifespan. We often write on this guide how Western Red Cedar starts out a reddish brown colour and weathers to a silver grey, but some readers have trouble visualising the […]

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Garden Office Guide: eDen Garden Rooms

We  chat with eDen Garden Rooms about using their unique buildings as home garden offices: Which is your most popular office design? We recommend our 3.6m x 3.6m design which is compact and perfect for a small office in the garden.  All of our designs are fully insulated and heated and have electric and data […]

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Garden Office Guide: Atelier

We chat to Atelier about their range of contemporary garden offices: What is your most popular garden office design? Atelier manufactures two ranges of garden studio; the C-range and the S-range. In addition, we produce bespoke designs and home extensions that incorporate the Atelier style. Of these, our most popular design is probably the C-range […]

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