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Guide to garden room roof construction

INSITU Garden Office Offer 640

Get a free artificial grass roof this summer

Fancy a green roof on your garden room? Well have you considered an artificial option – they look great and need no maintenance. INSITU Garden Offices are offering artificial green roofs for free this summer on garden room orders.

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Pitched roof garden room by Miniature Manors-7

Pitched roof garden room

This pitched roof garden room by Miniature Manor oozes traditional charm. The customer had specific wants from the design including a veranda and a storage area.

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Home cineam by Garden 2 Office-4

Cinema in the garden

This garden room by Garden 2 Office is being used as a home cinema. This was a tricky build as the room had to be built around a palm tree!

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Booths Garden Studios QC7 1

L-shaped garden room

Booths Garden Studios have recently completed this L-shaped garden room building. The modular building system that Booths use makes it easy for them to create different shaped buildings like this one.

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Custom Made Garden Room

London Garden Rooms where asked by their customer to design a garden room that was a bit different to the standard contemporary cube that is popular in the garden room market.

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A garden room with living roof

Bespoke garden room designers Harrison James have recently completed this contemporary style garden room with separate store room which features a living roof covering.

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Garden Room Design Details: Living Roofs

We are continuing our look at design details which make a garden room stand out. Today we are looking at living roofs and showing you some of the best examples we’ve seen over the years.

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Maintaining a garden room

Even if you choose all the low maintenance material options you can when designing your garden room. Our experience tells us that no building can be completely maintenance free.

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Beautiful Living Roofs

The addition of a living roof covering to a garden room design, not only has the benefit of improving the thermal performance of the building and providing an interesting ecosystem for insects and birds, it also creates all round visual interest, and at this time of year they are at their most beautiful!

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Innovations at Garden Spaces

It’s exciting for us to witness new innovations in garden room design, whether they be new design features or the use of cutting edge materials, one of the leaders in garden room innovation is Garden Spaces who consistently are pushing the envelope and coming up with new features.

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How can you tell if this garden office is well insulated?

If you took a trip to this garden office in London you would find it warm and cosy, even with this week’s extreme temperatures. The office is heated by underfloor heating and is providing a comfortable ambient heat. However a warm room doesn’t tell you that the office is well insulated, even though it is […]

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Cedar Shingle Roofs

With a trend for planning permission friendly flat roof garden rooms you don’t see that many cedar shingle roofed garden rooms these days, we spotted this one recently on our travels and think it looks lovely!

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