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Guide to the types of garden room foundations

Garden room designed around a hot tub by Harrison James-1

Garden room designed around a hot tub

We know that many readers of this site are looking of a way to combine a garden room and hot tub to create a great entertainment space. This example by Harrison James is one of the more successful examples we’ve seen.

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Garden room on a sloping site

We don’t all have flat gardens, and a sloping site can make people think that a garden room is not an option for them, but garden room suppliers have a number of solutions to this problem in their toolbox

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Garden Room Foundations

Most garden rooms come complete with the foundation system included in the package, but a few dont and you will need to organise a concrete slab

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Garden Office Guide: eDen Garden Rooms

We  chat with eDen Garden Rooms about using their unique buildings as home garden offices: Which is your most popular office design? We recommend our 3.6m x 3.6m design which is compact and perfect for a small office in the garden.  All of our designs are fully insulated and heated and have electric and data […]

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Garden Office Guide: Atelier

We chat to Atelier about their range of contemporary garden offices: What is your most popular garden office design? Atelier manufactures two ranges of garden studio; the C-range and the S-range. In addition, we produce bespoke designs and home extensions that incorporate the Atelier style. Of these, our most popular design is probably the C-range […]

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