Booths Garden Studios Website

Booths Garden Studios have recently launched a new website, which is packed with information about their Zero Maintenance garden studios.

Running The Garden Room Guide we have looked at a lot of suppliers websites, and we have to say that this one offers a lot of information for the potential buyer!


The website allows you to quickly get to the information you want – examples of the different design options, how much the buildings cost and answers to your questions regarding whats included, lets have a closer look:

Design Gallery

The new look website has extensive photo galleries, and we think its rather clever that Booths have chosen to sort the galleries by design feature. For example grey joinery has become a popular trend in garden room design, and Booths have introduced this as an option on their studios, so they have created a gallery of images of buildings where this option has been chosen.


Garden Studio Pricing

How much a garden studio is going to cost, is one of the things you want to learn early on in your research, and Booths Garden Studios have always been quite transparent regarding their pricing structure. With the new website you can quickly get an idea of price for your building.  All you have to do is enter your postcode and select the width and depth of your desired building and the price pops up!


As well as looking at the pricing section of the site, also take a look at the first question in the FAQ’s section ‘Can You Supply A More Bespoke Garden Studio Design’ as this gives you clear pricing for different options you might want to add on to the standard model.



Booths Garden Studios have sold thousands of garden buildings, and based on these dealings with customers they have put together one of the most comprehensive FAQ lists we’ve seen:


Case Studies

Booths have put together a collection of 12 customer case studies, which include a wide range of garden studio projects from an artist creating a studio, to a daughter creating a living annexe fro her elderly father, well worth a read:



This new website is well worth a look as part of your buying research, go there now



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