Booths Garden Studios launch QC5

The QC range of garden studios from Booths Garden Studios is one of the most popular garden studio ranges – ever! The QC stands for Quarter Century and this is the maintenance free life span of these Booths Garden Studios, an important consideration when buying a garden studio. This weekend Booths are launching the latest version of the studio the QC5.

We like the fact that Booths keep honing the design and specification of an already hugely popular garden studio, the updates the QC5 feature are:

  • The Guttering will be invisible as it is built into the ring beam. (No extra cost for this)
  • The Pillars and Ring beam plinth are presently available in Light Oak – this will now be available in Juniper Green, Merlin Grey & Silver as well as the Light Oak Woodgrain. The Silver in particular will give a very different, high tech look (No extra cost for this)
  • Skylights in the roof are now an option on the QC5 (£600 per Skylight)
  • The internal lighting will be the latest modern Super Long Life LED down lights which will save money on your electric bill (No extra cost)
  • Double Sockets and Light Switches will be upgraded to Brushed Stainless Steel (No extra cost)
  • Internal Ceiling Height will be raised to 2117mm and is that height for the whole Studio i.e no internal sloping roof (No extra cost for this)
  • The Roof will have a pebble coating which will make it more attractive – helpful if you or your neighbours over look the Studio roof (there is an additional cost for this).
  • The Flyover on the QC5 VF Studios is now within permitted development height which saves time, money & hassle because no Planning Permission is required (No extra cost for this)
  • The rainwater down pipes will be invisible since they will be built into the corner posts (no extra cost) this will give the Studio a sleek modern look from where ever it is viewed.
  • The QC5 roof can have a sedum roof planting if you wish (Sedum roof does cost extra)

Ten new reasons to buy a Booths Garden Studio! For more information visit the Booths Garden Studios website.

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