Booths Garden Studios, Installing Garden Rooms Throughout the UK

The ever popular Booths Garden Studios have been busy installing their range of modular garden studios throughout the UK. The picture above is one of three studio installations in Scotland – Inverness, Fraserburgh and Edinburgh – a round trip of over a 1000 miles from Booths HQ!

The picture above is 12′ x 9′ LoLine QC5 VF4 with a Flyover Roof  installed in Fraserburgh, which finishes off the customers pond area well. In Edinburgh they installed a studio for children’s author Nicola Morgan who writes:

Really pleased with the studio! And the guys did the job in horrible weather conditions, so I’m impressed in every way. I also noticed that none of them complained once about the rain, wind, and long walk from the lorry to the garden! They just got on with it cheerily and willingly. Most impressive. Having spent much of the weekend in it, decorating and putting shelves up, I can already see that it’s going to be a fabulous place to work and I’m very struck by how cosy it is, even without any heating, and the cold day we had yesterday. I’ll be blogging about it soon, once the electrician has finished and I’ve got photos of every stage. I’ll let you know and send you a link to the blog post because I think you’ll find it an excellent testimonial and you could send potential customers to it. A lot of writers read my blog and it gets a lot of hits, so I hope it will be useful. I’ve already given an interested person your details

Another happy customer!

For more information on Booths Garden Studios visit their website.


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