Booths Garden Studios Customer Interview

We always say that a previous customer is the best sales person for a garden studio, we chat with Sharon and Nigel about their experience of buying a Booths Garden Studio:

When did you buy your garden room, office or studio?

16th August 2011

What were your requirements for your garden room, office or studio?

A place for Nigel to work from home

Additional extra space for occasional guests

Did you look at other sorts of home extension before settling on a garden room? Why did you choose a garden room over other type of extension?

An extension to our property was not possible within our budget

We had quotations for a purpose built brick and pantile garden building.

We decided we didn’t want a permanent building in the garden.

What made you choose your garden room, office or studio supplier?

Googled Garden Rooms and found Booths via your guide link.

Found their web site to be very informative and liked the u tube videos that showcased their product.

Was good to see the prices displayed to be able to work out actual costs ourselves, no need to ring for quotations or site visits. All very straight forward and self explanatory.

Booths do not have a showroom, so Iain arranged for us to visit another couple who had the actual studio we were interested in. Very good to see a studio ‘on site’ and speak to the owners. All very positive.

Does your garden room, office, studio fulfil its intended use?

Absolutely. Consumer unit connected on studio installation, a couple of coats of paint inside and office was up and running. Excellent.

Is your garden room, office, studio comfortable to use all year round?

Only just had it installed but due to its excellent insulation and quality double glazing, we have no concerns that it will not be comfortable all year round.

Do you have heating or cooling systems, were they supplied with your building or did you add them at a later date?

Air Conditioning was available as an extra, but having spoken to the other studio owners who did have one installed, they said they had never had to use it.

As our studio has full front on sun until late morning, we decided to have double doors instead and 3 windows that open on vent, this works very well for airflow and the roof overhang giving enough shade to prevent cooking!

Simple aluminium blinds on all the doors and windows are very effective too.

How long did your garden room, office or studio take to build on site, was it straight forward?

We had to prepare the ground but as this studio does not require a concrete base, very straight forward to clear the area.

It took three fitters just two days to install. It was a very straight forward and professional build.

Would you have done anything different ie specified different materials, altered the design etc?

No not at all.

Do you have to do much maintenance on your garden room, office or studio?

Apart from painting the inside walls and ceiling, the studio is maintenance free.

If you could give a prospective customer a piece of advice what would it be?

Research…get an idea of costs, set a budget and stick to it.

Be realistic on size, calculate how much space you actually need internally.

Try and judge the studios impact on your garden

Decide how much maintenance you want to do to your studio

Arrange a visit to see a studio in situ…speak to the owners, they will be the best people to give you honest feedback.

Get as much information as you can.

Never buy from an internet photo.

Always see before you buy.

Have an open mind, you may think you know what you want initially but ideas change and evolve with every studio you see.

Don’t be rushed into a decision

Very good advice from Sharon and Nigel, we love the way the studio nestles into their established garden. If you would like some more information visit the Booths Garden Studios website.

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