Bespoke Granny Annexe

Granny Annexe share with us details of a recent bespoke granny annexe build they recently undertook.

A dream made into reality

Granny Annexe turned our dream of living close to our beloved family, into a reality – they turned an unused section at the bottom of the garden into a cosy home just down the path from our gorgeous grandchildren and we are absolutely delighted with the results!”

We were greatly impressed by the skill and strength of the builders as they transformed a bare patch of ground into a house in just a few weeks. It was exciting watching our home take shape before our very eyes and once it was painted and the finishing touches applied, it was just perfect!”

We have recorded a short customer interview of David and Jen who are living happily in their Granny Annexe at the end of the garden.

The annexe has a small paved path connecting it to the family home, providing the clients with easy access in all weathers to the main house. Finished in a neutral fire retardant render, the exterior décor of the annexe complements the existing house. The doors and windows are UPVC with a Light Golden Oak finish to the exterior and white on the interior, allowing plenty of light into this spacious Granny Annexe.

The clients wanted a slightly bigger annexe than our single sized annexe which measures in at 3.50m x 8.00m.

Our clients added an extra 1.20m through our bespoke design service giving them an annexe size that suited their needs. Clients have input in all parts of the Granny Annexe design and layout, including details such as where all the plug sockets go; type of handles on the kitchen cupboards and so on.

Bespoke Granny Annexe 10

The kitchen/lounge is a large space with an internal area of around 20.37m2. As you can see, the kitchen and lounge do not encroach on each other. The bedroom is 8.33m2 this is enough space for a double bed and space to comfortably move around it, with a door to the en-suite bathroom. The bathroom contains all the essentials; a shower, toilet, and sink with vanity unit.

Bespoke Granny Annexe 11

Our builds use Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) which we manufacture in our warehouse bespoke to the design of your annexe. We have them delivered to your site and assemble them to your Granny Annexe design. SIPs panels provide great insulation, attributing to a lower heating bill. SIPs also allow us to build very quickly, putting a Granny Annexe or garden building up in 5-7 weeks, weather permitting.

To learn more about Granny Annexe visit their website or give them a call on 0800 334 5774 to discuss your ideas.


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