Bespoke garden room that incorporates a birdcage

Over the years we have written a lot about different bespoke garden rooms, where the customer and designer have worked closely together to create a room that is tailored to the customer’s requirements. We have seen some fantastic designs that have been created to fit the contours of the garden and even around a tree. We have also seen great designs where a particular material or feature has been specified by the customer, and the designer has put it into practice.

We think that incorporating a birdcage into a garden room design is a first, though, but that is exactly what Crown Pavilions have recently been designing and building.



Crown Pavilions customer Mario had the vision to create a garden room that could be used by his family, but also show off his collection of rare birds. The designers at Crown Pavilions were up for the challenge to put  Mario’s vision into practice, and worked closely with him to create a contemporary family space as well as indoor and outdoor aviry.


The hand built room has a glass roof to flood the room with light and has other custom design features such as a waterfall and stunning wall murals. The £90,000 building also houses a bar, television, pool table, music system and impressive seating area.


Customer, Mario is clearly delighted with his bespoke building:

We spent a huge amount of time on the plans to ensure we got the best of both worlds – somewhere for my family to relax but also a place where I could see the birds in all their glory.”

I’ve kept birds since I was 16,” explains Mario. “I started with two budgies and now I have all manner of different parrots, finches and parakeets. I always wanted a unique space for everyone to enjoy them and I’m overjoyed with the end result.”


This building clearly shows how by working with a bespoke garden room designer you can create a fantastic building that is tailored to your needs and tastes.

To learn more about Crown Pavilions work, including their new range of standard garden room designs visit their website or give the team a call on 01491 817 997

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