Bespoke Design Garden Room Prices

We are constantly being asked by readers of this site if bespoke garden rooms are a lot more expensive to buy than their more standard modular design counterparts.

Normally we answer this question by saying that while bespoke garden rooms do tend to be more expensive than modular designs, that is because with bespoke design you tend to include many more design features which bump the cost up!

It can be difficult to put a price on bespoke garden room design because every project is different and there are so many variables such as the overall size of the building and the level of specification chosen.

But, the garden room industry is no different to other areas of the construction industry and suppliers do have a rough price per square meter that they use to give customers a guide price.

These per square meter prices vary throughout the market, so we thought we would do a survey of bespoke garden room designers to see what the average price per square meter is at the moment.

The Results

We asked the suppliers to give us a price per square meter for a fully insulated garden room that could be used as a leisure room or home office. These prices don’t include rooms which incorporate toilets, shower rooms or kitchens – we will look at those prices in a future article.

We had a good response from the bespoke designers and found that prices per square meter vary considerably from £700 per sqm to £1,500 per sqm, but when all worked out the industry average is:

£1,146 per square meter

How to use these results

As a buyer you can use the results of our survey to get a rough idea of what a bespoke design garden room will cost you.

If you have decided you need a garden room 3m x 3.6m then you are looking at a building that has a footprint of 10.8 square meters.

If you multiply this 10.8 sqm by our average figure you are looking at a build cost of £12,376.80

Take this as the structure price

Use these figures as the price for the structure of the garden room. If you start adding high spec features such as bi-fold doors and air conditioning the price will obviously go up.

This is a useful guide and does show that bespoke garden room design isn’t a lot more expensive and you do get a building designed just for you.

You will find some great bespoke garden room designers in our Find a Supplier section.


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