Before & after a garden room build

In this article Paul from Office In My Garden explains how he shows customers how a garden room will enhance their garden:

When meeting a potential client for the first time it is important to convince them that a garden room is going to be right for them and a good fit for their garden. A particularly useful way to do this is to show them previous projects and let them meet satisfied owners. We often make arrangements with previous clients to show them a recent build locally and we find that happy clients are more than willing to show off their garden rooms, but very often the real clincher is to show them what the garden looked like previously.

The garden before the garden room...

The garden before the garden room…

...and with garden room in situ

…and with garden room in situ

This is where the ‘Before and After’  photos are particularly useful. I always take an ipad with me when meeting people for the first time and show them pictures of previous projects, not only once they are completed,but also what the garden looked like before we started and this helps them visualise what one could like look like in their garden space. Obviously clients are cautious not just about the spend but about the impact the build will have on their garden and how it will look to their neighbours. By showing them pictures of work in progress we can alleviate their worries and reassure them that what we plan will be right for them. We also point them towards the Visualise Your Garden Room tool on the Garden Room Guide.



...and once the garden room was installed

…and once the garden room was installed

Along with the obvious question of how much will it cost the next question is always how long will it take? Working with a tight group of reliable suppliers and tradesmen as well as moving over to SIPs construction has allowed us to get the average build time down to 12 working days – not bad I think you’ll agree for a bespoke building.

The garden before...

The garden before…

...and once the garden room was installed

…and once the garden room was installed

For more information about Office In My Garden’s work visit their website or give them a call on 07778 297711 to discuss your garden room ideas.


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