Beautiful Living Roofs

The addition of a living roof covering to a garden room design, not only has the benefit of improving the thermal performance of the building and providing an interesting ecosystem for insects and birds, it also creates all round visual interest, and at this time of year they are at their most beautiful!

Roomworks have included living roof coverings on several of their contemporary garden room designs, and have put together this montage of images of the roofs during different periods of the year:



Paul Barton, Director at Roomworks is enthusiastic advocate for living roofs:

It’s a great time for all those living roof systems we installed – particularly the meadow flower one you can see at the top of this selection of images. Absolutely breathtaking – bees and butterflies all over it! Later in the season of course, the meadow flowers die back and require maintenance which is whywe tend to use sedum varieties, which do flower but still look great later in the year. Sedum also requires very little maintenance.

More and more people are now aware of the many and varied benefits of a living roof and Roomworks are always delighted when our client’s ask us to install one. We even donated one to one of our National Trust projects last year and they were so grateful they made us a cake!!


We always feel that garden rooms with living roofs sit particularly well in a garden, they smudge the hard lines of the building, helping it blend with the softness of the garden.

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