A new guest blog from the team behind contemporary garden studios Atelier:

Atelier was commissioned by Apropos to go to the next level in design and construction of highly efficient contemporary freestanding structures as more appropriate alternatives to existing architectural structures namely conservatories and garden rooms.

“We set out to create something that was sustainable, stylish, flexible, functional and future proofed. We wanted to create something that was better than your average garden studio. We started with a clean sheet throwing all our preconceptions about these kind of structures out of the window.” Michael Barnes, Managing Director.

Atelier has created a series of low cost individual interconnecting structures, variable in size and adaptability. The modular system facilitates a vast variety of functional or fanciful needs. Individual structures can be configured in ways to express a client’s needs and individuality.


Our structures are based on modular construction methods, they are reconfigurable and adaptable to your wants and needs.


The Atelier structure’s combination of natural light, sound and thermal insulation and the resulting ambience is the ideal work environment.


The overall space offers a sense of fluidity and tranquillity as highly glazed surfaces open up interior spaces to the landscape and minimizes the intrusion of nature.


The interior is a resistant to a lifetime of hard knocks. Fit for the most demanding of purposes it is also the ideal environment for keep fit, sound recording, media room, therapy room…..

For more information about Atelier Garden Studios visit their website

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