Atelier Garden Studios


Atelier garden studios have curve appeal, these striking contemporary garden studios would be a stylish addition to any garden.

Atelier garden studios have many unique features, the most notable being the way the walls seamlessly curve into the roof, which appears to float above the building thanks to the clever use of slender steel columns and glazed panels.

The range of garden studios is made up of five unique designs but the modular system can be used to create bespoke configurations for use as home extensions, saunas and guest houses.

In keeping with the modern design, all the latest, best performing materials and construction methods are used to build an Atelier garden studio. The modular building system is made up of marine grade plywood box beams with twin I-joist cores. The panels are insulated and sound proofed with 140mm of rock wool which means all elevations achieve a u-value of 0.27w/m2k, u-values measure the rate at which heat is lost though an element, the lower the figure the better. The panel system incorporates the all important breather and vapour membranes which help to control moisture in the building, preventing moisture from entering the building structure but allowing condensation to escape. The external open joint cladding is available in three wood finishes: Thermowood (heat treated Scandinavian Redwood) which requires no maintenance and has a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years, Western Red Cedar which again needs no maintenance and will last for 40 to 60 years and European Oak which has a life expectancy of 40 – 60 years.

The roof has the same open timber cladding as the walls, but there is an EPDM high performance rubber membrane underneath, fascia boards are aluminium and powder coated in a choice of Atelier colours.

Atelier garden studios have a three leaf folding sliding door set to the front elevation manufactured from thermally broken aluminium and polyester coated in Atelier colour range to match the fascia.
The doors stack externally and to the left (as viewed from outside).  All glazing is double glazed, Aargon gas filled, Low E glass, toughened for safety.

The interior of the garden studio is  lined in high strength fibre board manufactured from recycled craft paper and sugar cane bagasse waste with Atelier white textured board finish. The floor is engineered lacquered oak as standard.

If this wasn’t enough Atelier offer upgrade options such as parallel opening windows, as an alternative to the conventional open out windows. These can be manually or electrically operated (electric motor option is mandatory for the 2m by 2m window) and under floor heating which consists of 1mm thick laminate polyester sheet with carbon coated heating elements fitted over 6mm insulation board, running costs are £3 – £4 per m2 per year when used as the main heat source.

Construction time is typically 4-5 days once on site, and prices start at £17,995.

For more information visit the Atelier website .

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