Atelier Garden Studios Go International

The popular Atelier Garden Studios have opened up their concept to the international market by launching in Hong Kong as Atelier explain:

The venture is a result of collaboration between Atelier and Hong Kong entrepreneur, David Bojan, who spotted the potential for Atelier’s studio range in the former British colony.

The deal was completed between David and Michael Barnes, Atelier’s UK managing director, in Hong Kong on the 27th October.

British-born David, who has been a Hong Kong resident for almost 20 years said, “I love Hong Kong for its vibrancy and creativity, and as such I have made it my home.

“However, it is a densely populated environment. For those fortunate to have outdoor space – a roof, a terrace, a balcony, perhaps even a garden – there is a tendency to try to convert this into additional living space. Unfortunately, current options are limited to pre-fabricated metal rooms, rather like portacabins, or a tailor-made arrangement which is often of poor quality.

“Atelier provides the solution with a range of highly attractive garden rooms which are of a unique and stunning design. There is absolutely nothing like Atelier’s garden studios in Hong Kong right now, so the potential is immense.”

Michael Barnes, Atelier’s UK managing director, said, “We are absolutely delighted to be launching Atelier in Hong Kong under David’s guidance. David has a wealth of business experience forged in asset management, and that experience will surely make our venture into Hong Kong a successful one.

“Quite simply, Atelier’s studios are designed for any use, so to provide them in a market like Hong Kong, where space is at a premium, means we can provide residents with much sought after additional living space, that is also high in quality, contemporary in looks, and cutting-edge in design.

“We look forward to a successful future in Hong Kong.”

If the number of enquiries we get for garden studios in the Far East are anything to go by, the collaboration will be very successful!

For more information about Atelier Garden Studios visit their website

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