Atelier £500 thank you to garden designers

Garden studio company to reward garden designers with £500 ‘thank you’ for every recommendation that results in a sale

Atelier has launched a ‘Thank You’ scheme for garden designers.

The scheme – open to all external garden designers, architects, landscape gardeners, and relevant industry members – will reward participants with a cash gift of £500 for every lead they pass on to Atelier that produces a sale.

Ashleigh Barnes, Atelier’s regional sales manager, said, “We are noticing an increased amount of incoming enquiries from independent garden designers, who are impressed with Atelier’s garden studios, and are recommending our designs to clients. As such, this has generated additional leads for us, and it is a trend we want to continue.

“Atelier is at the forefront of garden studio design and that is why we believe that more and more garden designers are favouring us as their choice. We are therefore pleased to launch our new ‘Thank You’ scheme, which rewards them for their support.

“Quite simply, we will thank any designer, architect, landscape gardener, or industry member who recommends Atelier to one of their clients with a £500 cash gift, if that recommendation leads to a sale.”

For further details of Atelier’s ‘Thank You’ scheme, please contact Ashleigh Barnes by telephone on 0800 046 1296 or by email at: [email protected].

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