Artificial Grass Around Your Garden Room

In this Guest Post we look at the benefits of using artificial grass around your garden room, lots of people search this site looking for a low maintenance garden room – why not a low maintenance lawn too!

Artificial turf is becoming popular with a lot of households, who are tuning into the benefits of switching live lawns, with realistic and easy to care for artificial turfs. But what are the benefits of artificial lawns and why might they be suitable for your garden room?

Certainly, gardeners generally seek out gorgeously kept green lawns. They are highly attractive and the hallmark of a well tended and kept garden. Those who spend time keeping their lawns will generally devote a morning a week to mowing them, tidying up the edges, feeding them with a special nutrient mix and also carrying out other maintenance. This might include weeding the lawn for any invading plants which have mixed with the grass seed – in which case the offending patch may need to be removed and replanted, or be treated with a series of specialist weed killers. There may also be discoloured or damaged patches where pets have urinated on the grass and damaged it, which again need treating with a restorative agent, or re-seeding. Other problems include the effects of drought or blight in high season, which can damage the grass and affect its appearance and again will need a range of techniques applied and tested before the lawn is restored to glory. So despite looking gorgeous and simple, real grass lawn care is actually time-consuming and can be fairly complex and expensive!

For this reason, fake grass is an interesting alternative for many – particularly given the increase in realistic and affordable turfs which can be used very effectively around conservatories and patios in a garden room set-up.

They will require a bigger investment initially than natural turf, the cost is in the upfront purchase and beyond that, maintenance costs are minimal. For example, fake grass doesn’t require any kind of real maintenance. It doesn’t need trimming or cutting, re-seeding or watering. These costs in equipment, maintenance products and time rapidly outweigh the initial attractive cost of real grass. A fake lawn on the other hand, rapidly pays for itself.

Most commonly used for a lawn or garden room, some people are also using fake grass in fenced-in areas and to carpet pet kennels, as it can be easily washed down and cleaned. It`s also a great way to carpet a patio and eliminate a dusty dirt patch, or unattractive concrete finish. Fake turf can also be used as outdoor carpeting, for pool patios and even for house mats! The finish is both soft on the feet and lovely to look at. The product is also durable and hard-wearing which makes it a great choice for families with children and pets, where the grass exists to be used – rather than to keep off and admire from afar, as with so many real lawns!

To find out more about what artificial turf could offer you and your garden room, speak to the experts for advice and service recommendations. Contact to find out about the latest products and developments in the world of fake turf and find out how it might be suitable for you and your individual requirements. With the rest of the summer to play for, it could be a great time to make the most of your outdoor space!


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