An Outdoor Music Studio – Making your garden room sound proof

Interesting tips in this article by Green Studios for designing an outdoor music room.

At Green Studios, we see garden rooms being used for a wide variety of purposes, from home offices, to pool houses, and exercise studios. Recently, we have experienced an increase in demand for garden rooms as soundproof studios. More and more people want to benefit from a space in which they can practice, perform, and enjoy music and sound, without annoying the neighbours, or having outside noises permeate into the studio. While a building such as a garden shed cannot be adequate for use as a music studio, there are modern garden rooms which are suitable, and further soundproofing can ensure that neighbours’ complaints are kept to a minimum.

Soundproofing your garden room is a great idea if you are in the business of creating sounds regularly, or you just want a quiet room for yourself, away from the bustle of daily life. A soundproof garden room can benefit music tutors, budding bands, music producers and technicians, sound and video editors, and voice artists. By creating a soundproof studio in your own garden, you are saving money on having to rent a dedicated space elsewhere, not to mention the time spent travelling between that studio and your home.


Soundproofing can not only protect your neighbours from the noise you make, but also protect you from the noises outside. While noise from wildlife and from passing traffic can be therapeutic, it’s not great if you carry out professional sound recording work. The ideal situation is to manufacture your garden room as soundproof from scratch, but you can also make an existing garden room more soundproof retrospectively.

Insulate – Modern garden studios contain a high level of insulation already. This is mostly to keep the building warm throughout the colder seasons so that it can be used all year round. However, this insulation will also have soundproofing properties which will protect from noise to a large extent. You can add to this insulation by choosing acoustic insulation board, which can be built into a new garden studio, or fitted to an existing structure.

Windows and doors – If you have an existing room, you can re-glaze existing windows and doors with specialist acoustic glazing. Get an expert to look at your door and window frames too, as sound can escape through the tiniest of spaces, and it may be worth resealing or replacing the frames. Look into fitting soundproof shutters over your windows for especially noisy sessions. If designing from scratch, Green Studios can work with you decide how to reduce the window spacing but yet still keeping the room light. The less glass, the more sound-proof as our successful DJ client discovered below.


Home comforts – Sound can escape through the floor as well as the walls, so look at carpeting your garden studio with thick carpet and underlay. This will make it extra cosy too!

Think natural – Trees and shrubs are natural sound barriers, so think about planting the area around your garden studio. Ask your garden centre expert for recommendations for the best plants for soundproofing. Why not install a living roof to reduce the noises that escape through the roof? Living roofs can be as simple as a home-made planting box secured to your roof area, or you can buy ready-made sedum matting.

For whatever reason you would like your garden studio to be soundproof, it is more than possible. Please ask your garden studio supplier for their expert advice to help you create a garden room to suit your special requirements

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