An Oazis in the Garden

Oazis is a modular garden room system by Croatian Cabin, because of its modular design virtually any shape building for any need can be created as this gallery of designs shows, including garden room with storage areas!

David Whitewood of Croatian Cabin says that storage has become a key issue:

More storage space is one of eight key features that people need when choosing a home as revealed in a new Ipsos MORI research report published today for the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Ipsos Mori Survey People want to expand into the garden for more space and now have no room for the proverbial garden shed – where will they keep the bikes, the lawnmower and of course the barbeque?

What are the benefits of buying a garden room with integral store?
Apart from perhaps the visual tidiness of a single building and facade,  I really can’t see the benefit of an integral store unless that is  you really are short of space and really have no room left for a small shed or store.

Will the finished building look like a shed or will it be built to the same specification as a standalone garden rooms?

The store can be totally integrated into the building with an entrance to the side or the front.  I have attached two pics one of an actual customer building 5.25 x 3.75m deep with a store to the side and a plan for a 9 x 3.75m multi-function studio incorporating teenage den, office for dad and a store to the rear.

We avoid doing the ‘lean to’ idea for pent roofs with a different roof height to the main building. It never quite looks right. Though it is possible to fit a store under the eaves of a ridge roof and still look stylish.

Can customers have all the design features available in standalone garden rooms in this type of building?

Of course!

What sort of price are customers looking at for a multifunction building? What size building would this produce?
The per m2 price of the extension is generally not significant compared to the overall budget – e.g at 3.75 x 3.75m office studio would cost around £10,500 installed where as a 5.25 x 3.75m including 4.5m2 store would be around £12,000. However the extra is considerably more per m2 than a standalone good quality shed. 

What other things should buyers think about when buying a garden room with integral store?

The store room is often going to be long and thin. A side entrance will create more usable space than having it on the front.

We build our store rooms to the same insulation, floor, roof and ceiling spec as the main building. The potential cost-savings of building to a lower spec are outweighed by the the potential to ‘grow in’/incorporate the space at a later date.

To create your Oazis in the garden, whatever you plan to use it for visit the Croatian Cabin Website


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