Access when building a garden room

We were recently asked by a reader about his options for building a garden room as his only access was through his back gate. He asked us about his options for craning in a garden room over the top of his house, thinking that that was his only option.

In fact, for all the hundreds of garden rooms built in a year, only a tiny number are moved by crane. This is because garden room designers have developed modular building systems which allow them to transport their buildings in relatively small sections.

These modular systems allow garden room suppliers to transport the parts on a lorry to your home and then for one or two workers to move each section to the site in your garden.

Smart Garden Offices can overcome difficult access

Smart Garden Offices come in sections which are easily transported by lorry

Modular garden rooms overcome the tightest access

The modular nature of garden rooms means that they can be transported along the tightest access routes. Panels can easily be walked along narrow alleyways and through garden gates. Smart Garden Offices, for instance, tell us that their biggest panel is just 1.1m wide so they can easily overcome access issues on-site.

Smart Garden Offices can overcome access issues

Smart Garden Offices are built in sections so they can be moved with ease, even in tricky access situations

We know that sometimes you don’t have direct access to your garden. Over the years we have heard about fence panels being taken down so that the panels and materials can be walked through a neighbours garden. On other occasions, we have heard of the materials for a garden room being lifted over a brick wall from the road into the garden.

Garden rooms can be moved through the house

When there is no direct access to the garden, the materials can be walked through your house. Great care is taken when this happens. You will need to clear the route as much as possible, but a supplier will normally line the route with a protective floor covering and take great care as they lift through each panel.

Garden office difficult access

The materials for this INSITU Garden Office project were transported through a London shop and out of a window into the courtyard.

We recently wrote about a project undertaken by INSITU Garden Offices who built a design studio for a fashion designer in London. The only access for this project was through a busy shop and out into the courtyard via a window – not a door!

A site visit is a must to assess access

As you can see you have options if you have tricky access. Assessing your access route, whatever it may be, is one of the key aspects of a site visit.

Most garden room suppliers offer a free site visit, so take them up on this so that they can advise you on your specific options. Having undertaken a site visit your chosen supplier will know what they are up against in getting the materials into your garden, and this should avoid any problems.

If you choose a supplier who doesn’t offer a physical site visit, be sure to know where you stand if access issues cause delays, so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises.

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