A New Generation of Booths Garden Studios

Booths Garden Studios have recently launched their new range of garden studios – the QC3 an improved version of their popular QC2 garden studio.

The new studio has been re-specified whilst maintaining the shape and style of the original QC2. The structure of the QC3 has been upgraded with 140mm thick SIP’s (Structural Insulated Panel’s) replacing the traditional timber frame – SIP’s offer many benefits from speed of installation to improved thermal performance, as the insulation wraps around the entire building. Booths Garden Studios use SIP’s in the floor, walls and roof of the QC3 so all exposed sections are heavily insulated.

The change in has had an effect on the internal and external finishes of the Booths QC3 range, the profiled exterior cladding has been replaced by a smooth steel panel that is finished with Colourcoat LG a galvanised substrate which is coloured and has a leather grain finish and the roof of the QC3 is finished in EPDM which is a highly durable roof covering. Internally the walls and ceiling are finished in MDF; this is a good surface for painting in your choice of colour.

The changes to the structure have meant a change to the electrical specification – the double sockets are now fitted flush, 450mm from the floor as in a modern house, the lights have also been re-specified to the latest low voltage downlighters.

The QC in QC3 stands for Quarter Century and this is the length of time the QC is designed to last – maintenance free! As the QC3 has no exposed timbers (the exterior is a combination of coated steel, PVCU, glass and EPDM) it requires no annual maintenance.

Booths have their own foundation system which can be used on both flat and sloped ground – the studios have even been designed so you can take it with you when you move!

The external living space of the QC3 can be extended with a covered veranda area and Booths are also able to design in toilet facilities making a truly self contained unit.

Take a look at these videos of the new QC3 and for more information visit the Booths Garden Studios website.

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