A helping hand towards your perfect garden room

Guest post written by Swift Garden Rooms


One of the beauties of a detached garden room is the relative freedom that you have in the size, position and appearance of your new space. This means that you are able to examine all the things that are really important to you and then work towards a design that matches these perfectly. Without the constraints that a home extension sometimes imposes…. existing levels, scale, appearance and connecting openings /services – you have more capacity to finely tune the end result to your preferences.

Swift Garden Rooms have always encouraged their clients to open up their mind to really examine what would create the “Wow” with your new room. This may be as simple as locating a window to catch a special view, or as complex as a completely bespoke design using unusual materials (such as the concept example above). “It is all about the questions that you ask yourself” explains director Martin Lawson. “There is a tendency for us to treat investing in a garden room in a similar way to buying a car…. you see one that you like the look of and then make some tweaks to the specification. However, the creation of something that is unique is a tempting and totally realistic option. You jut need to ask the right questions and allow your aspirations some room to grow”.

Under the skin, top quality SIP panels create a robust and structurally impressive framework that can be tailored to almost any shape and size. Then the windows, doors and surface materials can then be specified to suit preferences, budgets and future uses of the room. To help their clients start this process Swift are always available to discuss projects and now they have a simple to use online project planner that you can fill in at your leisure and submit at the press of a button. You can even add your own photos or sketches. Swift will then be able to reply with some further creative input, maybe some questions and some initial suggestions on the investment levels.

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