A garden office could pay for itself in a year

Yesterday we were talking with a friend who said his season ticket for the commute from Southampton to London had gone up to £5,200 this year, we laughed and said you need a garden office! We were joking at the time, but it got us thinking that a you can buy a garden office which you could work from for years, for the cost of one years train fare.


On top of this annual cost you’ve also got around 4 hours a day of commuting time (door to door), this is time that you are either not getting paid for or you could be doing something else – so its valuable time.

With the modern technologies we have at our finger tips, more and more of us have the opportunity to work from home, and a garden office makes an ideal solution – all the benefits of going out of the house to work, with the flexibility of working from home.

You could buy a garden office for the cost of a train season ticket

With season tickets costing £5,200 or so, you could buy a garden office and it would have paid for itself in just over a year. There are some great garden office designs in this price band, ideal for one worker, here are some key examples:

Micro by Smart Garden Offices – costs £4,990 plus VAT

Mini by Henley Offices – costs £4,975 plus VAT

Gastropod by Garden Spaces – costs £7,100 including VAT

The Stealth by Sanctum Garden Studios – costs £4,995 including VAT but plus delivery

Using or £5,200 season ticket example the Smart Micro office would pay for itself in just under 14 months. The Stealth from Sanctum Garden Studios would be offset in just the year.

So, if you are sitting on the train reading this, click on the links above and cut both your annual costs and commute.


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