A garden gym can change your life

A garden room used as a home gym can have a positive impact on your life as Decorated Shed explain…

When your  working day ends whether that is a week day or a Friday, getting a bus or driving to your local gym can seem like a hassle and be the last thing you or I want to do. Although from experience I know it is a lot easier in the summer months.

Decorated Shed’s garden buildings are your space to do with as you please and we will work with you and design to your specification. We have had many enquiries for athletic, yoga and gym rooms. You will no longer be thinking ‘I need to go to the gym after work’ and you can go in your own time with it being down your garden path. Some people have gyms inside their actual homes, but in previous articles we have spoken about working from home in one or our garden offices. It is better to be secluded in your own space so you can concentrate, relax and work better in this environment which is in natural surroundings. This same theory goes with your work out and the exercise alone works wonders for your health and fitness.

A garden gym room will increase your fitness because you will work out more often and not feel pressured by the busy environments at your local gym. A garden gym has the potential to change your life.

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