A Crown Pavilions garden room can be an extension of your personality

Garden rooms are not just posh sheds that you can use only in summer; rather they are highly insulated well-built buildings that can be used every day of the year. Crown Pavilions has been designing and building cedar garden rooms for more than a decade and has witnessed a change in that now people are using their room as an extension of their day to day life.

With garden rooms being used as home offices, gyms and cinema rooms they are being used by their owners on a daily basis rather than being spaces that are used on sunny days.

People are spending much more on their new room as they realise the benefits it will add to their homelife. Back in 2006, the average Crown Pavilions customer was spending £17,000, while today the average order is £37,000.


Your new garden room can become an extension of your personaility, by incorporating the features you like into the layout and structure of the building. They are also a blank canvas for you to furnish as Luke Dejahang of Crown Pavilions explains:

“When talking to our customers we often found that they enjoyed styling them in a similar way to their homes – bringing the colours from indoors out,” he explained.

Our buildings aren’t simply places to eat and entertain outside, their extensions of our personality and we want to decorate them in the same way.”

To demonstrate how a Crown Pavilions building can be furnished, they have teamed renowned stylist and author Selina Blake to design the interiors of their show buildings at their show site at the Tendercare garden centre in Denham.


To learn more about how a Crown Pavilion building can become an extension of your personality talk to the friendly team on 01491 817 997 or visit their website to see more examples of their work.


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