A Business Can Grow In An Atelier Garden Studio

Contemporary garden studio suppliers Atelier share a case study of how a garden studio can be the perfect base for a business:

It’s not just plants that grow in a garden. Down the years more unusual items have flourished as well; such as silver bells and cockle shells, ably assisted by pretty maids all in a row.

Now, thanks to Atelier’s garden studios, businesses are flourishing at the bottom of the garden as well.

Atelier studios provide a remarkable combination of natural light, sound and thermal insulation; which makes them perfect for office use all-year round. And, with running costs a fraction that of more conventional office space, they are proving to be an exciting alternative to the usual office options.

While conventional home offices may take up space in a bedroom or extension, and suffer from the distractions of everyday family life, Atelier’s garden studios provide delineated working space within walking distance of the family home.

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Furthermore, their use as ‘work’ space can span all requirements; from traditional office use to utilisation as an artist’s or photographer’s studio, or beautician’s spa room.

Trevor and Sarah, live in Hampshire, and have run a successful PR agency for the last 15 years, and decided to invest in an Atelier garden studio when the lease came up for renewal on their previous company office.

Trevor said, “We had been based in a formal office setting ever since establishing our company in the mid-1990s. It had served a purpose, but the premises were not ideal and the daily commute was taking longer and longer. Our lease was coming up for renewal and after we had done our sums we realised that it would be cheaper and more convenient in the long-term if we built our own offices at home.

“We looked at various alternatives, but plumped for an Atelier studio when we realised how flexible its use could be. We will be looking to retire in the next decade and sell the company, but we can then use the studio as a summer house to relax and entertain friends, or a play room for the grandchildren.”

Sarah added, “The Atelier studio is absolutely gorgeous, and I am the envy of my friends. I am able to do a full day’s work and within thirty seconds of finishing for the day I am in my garden enjoying the rest of the day. It is more than an office. To me, it is providing us with a lifestyle we could only dream about a few years ago, and once we have retired the studio will continue to serve a wonderful purpose for our family and friends.”

In addition, to their use as office space for the home, Atelier’s garden studios can also be used in a commercial environment as breathtaking additional office space; highlighted by Atelier’s current work designing and constructing a new tourist information centre for Oystermouth Castle, South Wales.

Such is the practical design of Atelier’s modular, studio range that even the most complex requirements can be accommodated and structures constructed within 7-10 days.

This stunning range of eco buildings incorporate the latest timber and glass technology; with under-floor heating, folding sliding doors, connection to electricity mains and a hidden drainage system, as well as the further option for a fully functioning kitchen and/or shower unit – meaning the studios are perfect for almost any business use.

Furthermore, with the studios enjoying less planning restraint, they offer flexibility for increased floor space that extensions or conservatories don’t have – although it is always advisable to check with your local planning authority before construction.

The highly-acclaimed Atelier studio concept is changing gardens across the country, and with prices starting at around £17,858 (inc. VAT, delivery and installation), they offer a durable, long-term investment for any property, for just the price of a new family car.

For details of Atelier’s full range visit:

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