7 reasons why garden rooms offer an eco-friendly extension possibility

This guest post has been written by Trew Turner

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Garden rooms provide the opportunity to extend a home easily and affordably, without extensive planning permission or months of planning and waiting. What is more, garden rooms also offer the chance to add space to a home in an eco friendly way; a real win for families as they can get the extra space that they need without increasing their impact on the environment. No matter whether an individual is looking to build a tiny garden office, or an entire spacious add on home in their garden, the possibilities are there with garden rooms. The team at Trew Turner have provided 7 reasons why garden rooms offer a great extension possibility:

1. Flexible Design

The flexibility of garden room design is a huge draw for many. Garden rooms can literally be whatever an individual wants them to be, because almost anything is possible with a garden room. For example, garden rooms can be used as home offices for those who would lack the space to work from home otherwise- a great way to reduce an individual’s carbon footprint by completely eliminating the need for a commute! Other great uses of a garden room include a bespoke home gym, a really interesting guest bedroom, or as an attractive art studio.

2. Sustainable

Another great feature of garden rooms is that they are sustainable. The environment is considered at every stage. For example, during construction resources are used as efficiently as possible, and the materials used are as environmentally responsible as possible. In fact, almost everything about garden rooms is environmentally friendly as they are built using sustainable materials and feature energy efficient insulation. What is more, the quality craftsmanship and materials that are used to create garden rooms ensures that not only do they look great, but that they will last for many years. As a result, garden rooms are a great addition to any home.

3. Individual

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Garden rooms are designed to fit around the individual, and their requirements. As the possibilities in terms of design and innovation are limitless, pretty much whatever a home owner is looking for with regards to their garden room, they can be sure to get. Whether an individual would like a circular space, or a triangular office, then it is possible with a garden room. Therefore, garden rooms offer a great, individual, eco friendly space that is sure to suit anyone, and any use.

4. Save Money

Building an insulated garden room is a fantastic way of adding space to a home for far less than it would cost to extend a home in the traditional way. A great feature of garden rooms are that once they have been designed and finalised, they can be built for a fixed price, and so there are no concerns about the possibility of growing building costs.

5. Save Time

Building a garden room also takes a fraction of the time that would be needed to extend a home, so this also helps to save time, and money. Furthermore, garden rooms are all strong, durable and built to last. As a result, individuals who decide to get a garden room custom built can be sure that they enjoy a warm, secure and comfortable space in their garden.

6. No Planning Permission Needed

Most garden rooms do not need planning permission, this is because they are usually built so that they do not exceed 2.5 meters which is the height allowed within permitted development without permission. Some garden rooms can be larger, however if they exceed 2.5 meters in height then they have to be situated 2 meters or more from a boundary. If a garden room is less than the 2.5m then they can be built as close to a boundary as an individual wants. An additional time and money saving factor of garden rooms is that they do not need building regulations approval because the garden rooms are built so that they are not more than 30mÇ inside.

7. Eco friendly

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Garden rooms are seriously ecologically, and environmentally friendly ways to increase the size and space of a home. As mentioned, garden rooms are built with sustainable materials and methods which ensure that they do not negatively impact the environment during construction. What is more, garden rooms are heavily insulated to reduce the need for heating which is not only expensive, but the energy needed to burn to provide warmth is usually from non-renewable sources. Some garden rooms can even be designed to have solar panels for energy, or with green roofs for extra insulation and plant matter. With the environment being subject to so much damage from fossil fuel burning, surely it is time to start making a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint, and become more environmentally friendly? Garden rooms provide us all with one way to do just that.

To conclude, garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular, and the possibilities of what garden rooms can be used for is being amplified too. So, why not jump on the garden room bandwagon so that you can get more space affordably and quickly?

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