5 Minutes With Warwick Builidngs

The latest 5 minutes with interview is with Warwick Buildings:

What makes your company / garden rooms unique?

Warwick Buildings is a family company which has been manufacturing timber buildings for over 30 years. We are told often by previous customers that Warwick Buildings offer the best quality at a reasonable price. We use high grade timber for the framing which is what gives our buildings superior strength and stability. Our on site team are mostly judged as ‘Excellent’, First Class’ or ‘Superb’ by our customer’s. We offer an exceptional after sales service.

What feature of your garden rooms are you most proud of?

The quality.

When designing your garden rooms, which is more important form or function?

The rooms are designed to ‘work’ however quality design and build are first and foremost.

What scope do you have for incorporating the customers design ideas into your garden rooms?

Wherever it is possible and practical to do so we will manufacture to individual customer specifications.

Many customers are concerned about planning permission, how can you help customers with this issue?

We have some experience in this area and can often advise customers whether they are likely to require planning permission or not. If PP is required we can for a fee of £200 provide detailed planning drawings which will be required for a planning application. Should the planning application fail we will refund the £200, if it is successful and the customer places an order, then this amount will be deducted from the final balance.

Not every site is level, what options do you have for building your garden rooms on uneven ground?

Most buildings will require a level surface. Many areas can be levelled sufficiently by a customer’s local contractor. Also offered is a buildings which can be self levelled within certain tolerances.

Some customers are concerned about the ongoing maintenance of a garden room, what annual maintenance do your garden rooms require?

The additional application will protect the external colour and appearance of the building which would otherwise be affected by the weather. After this initial application the building should then be treated periodically and at least once every five years to help retain its appearance. Some customers will prefer and more weathered look to the building in which case no treatment will be required for approximately 20 years.

What aftercare do you offer your customers?

We offer a five year guarantee for all buildings and also advise on suitable products to protect the appearance and also renew the wood protection of older buildings. Customer queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently and here at Warwick Buildings we pride ourselves in a commitment to excellent customer service at every point.

Describe your company in three words!

Experienced, reliable and consistent,

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