5 Minutes With Alternative Space

In the latest in our 5 minutes with… series we ask Alternative Space about their garden rooms:

What makes your company / garden rooms unique?

Alternative Space was one of the UK’s first companies to design and develop purpose made garden rooms. Our experience and expertise is second to none. We are a design led, family business, devoted to ensuring that our clients receive a personal service and a product that meets their requirements exactly. We operate a programme of continuous development, which takes advantage of new materials and technologies as they become available. The result is a finely honed product of the highest possible quality. Alternative Space have no sales or marketing team. All our projects are the result of direct client references and site visits, it is therefore in our interest to ensure absolute client satisfaction. We make every effort to select our materials from eco-friendly sources, concentrating on renewable or recycled materials.
Alternative Space is a member of the AECB (Association of Environmentally Concious Builders).

What feature of your garden rooms are you most proud of?

1. The care and attention to detail of our installation team.

2. Our purpose designed 7 layer, triple skinned SIP’s (Structural, Insulated Panels).

3. Our ability to to listen to and accurately interpret our clients requirements.

4. Our use of sedum, living roofs.

When designing your garden rooms, which is more important form or function?

Both are equally important. Form might be led by function, but that is no excuse for an ugly solution. A properly design product has an inner, timeless beauty that results in form and function being at one. This is our company ethos.

What scope do you have for incorporating the customers design ideas into your garden rooms?

We give the requirements of our clients the highest priority. Our standardised, modular, construction system, which forms the core of our rooms, has been specifically developed to ensure maximum flexibility. Consequently our garden rooms do not, ‘incorporate’ our customers ideas, they embody.

Many customers are concerned about planning permission, how can you help customers with this issue?

This can be a complicated area so we provide site specific advice about planning legislation and often act as the client’s ‘agent’ to provide full support with planning applications.

Not every site is level, what options do you have for building your garden rooms on uneven ground?

This is a very important issue. All sites are professionally surveyed to ensure that we provide the right footings and foundations for our buildings wherever they are sited. A structure is only as strong as its foundations.

Some customers are concerned about the ongoing maintenance of a garden room, what annual maintenance do your garden rooms require?

As a garden room represents a significant investment, all our clients are given advise on maintenance prior to purchase. To enhance the life cycle of our structures and to retain their visual impact, we offer all clients an optional maintenance service. However, a properly designed and constructed garden room built from the correct materials, should require minimal maintenance.

What aftercare do you offer your customers?

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