5 days to build a home in your garden

Building a small home in the garden is becoming a reality for more and more families. Homeowners are realising that they can utilise an area of their garden to create a home for children who are struggling to get on the housing ladder or older relatives who would benefit from living close by to their family.

The solution is a granny annexe/micro home building that can be designed around your families needs and can create a self-contained home, at a fraction of the cost of buying a flat or care home fees. These annexes can be built quickly, with the suppliers often handling every step of the project to make it a hassle free process.

One complete solution that you can tailor to your needs is Zedbox. This contemporary design comes in 5 different sizes, and several fit out options which allow you to tailor the interior to the occupant’s needs and tastes. The Zedbox team handle each step of the build for you from Planning & Building Control applications right through to the connection of the plumbing and electrics to the mains supply. Lead times are a modest 12 weeks and on-site build time a swift five days, ensuring minimal disruption for you.

Zedbox is a home in the garden

Choose a size that works for you & your garden

The Zedbox comes in five standard sizes, offering both compact options for smaller gardens and spacious options for those with more space. The five sizes are:

Zedbox 420

  • Externally 4.7m x 2.6m offering 4.3m x 2.1m internally

Zedbox 425

  • Externally 4.7m x 3.2m offering 4.3m x 2.6m internally

Zedbox 435

  • Externally 4.7m x 4.2m offering 4.3m x 3.7m internally

Zedbox 535

  • Externally 5.8m x 4.2m offering 5.3m x 3.7m internally

Zedbox 635

  • Externally 6.9m x 4.2m offering 6.4m x 3.7m internally


Typical layout of a Zedbox micro home

Only the smallest Zedbox 420 doesn’t include a recessed porch area, but all designs have room to incorporate a wetroom, kitchen and double bed.

Project managed service

The Zedbox team will project manage your build for you; this means they will handle the Planning & Building Control applications for you. The range has been designed with consideration for these applications, so this should be a straightforward process. They will then handle the build for you, ensuring the right materials and team members are on-site at the right time. If you contract them too, they will also handle the connection of the electrics and the plumbing to the mains supply.

The Zedbox is a planning friendly granny annexe

Flexible internal space

Exploring the Zedbox range, we like how you can mix and match different options to create your ideal configuration – only want the wetroom and no kitchen – fine. Only need a kitchenette area to make drinks and snacks – no problem there is that option. Have your own furniture, fine you don’t have to order the fitted options.

However, we are impressed with the kitchen and bedroom specifications and how they have been designed to maximise the space available. The kitchen, for instance, is just 2m wide but features a combi oven, induction hob, integrated fridge, sink with hidden hot water heater and base and high-level cupboards.

Zedbox has a modern kitchen

When it comes to the bedroom and storage, you have the option of a normal height bed with draws underneath or a raised bed which incorporates, even more, storage. There are options for bedside units, floating shelving and wardrobes for full-length hanging. These have been designed to maximise the space available, yet create a streamlined visible area.

Zedbox micro home

Clear pricing

The Zedbox team are very open with the pricing; we like this approach. If you request their brochure, you will get a price list with each option clearly priced. There is a base price for the building and installation, and then your interior fit out options are priced individually, so you choose what features you want and are clear on the budget from day one. The prices are quoted inclusive of VAT.

Zedbox has an open plan bedroom

The only element that is not costed out in the brochure is the foundation and plumbing connections as these have to be quoted on a case by case basis once a free site visit has been conducted.

As an example, if we took the middle size Zedbox 435 and included the wetroom, kitchen, low line bed with bedside unit and wardrobe, underfloor heating and exterior lighting we would pay:

Zedbox 435 = £26,496

2m Kitchen = £3,600

Wetroom = £2,796

Lowline Bed = 1.134

Bedside Unit = £342

Wardrobe = £480

Underfloor Heating = £714

External Puddle Lights = £312

External Deck Lights = £312

Electrical Connection = £786

Total = £36,972 plus foundation and mains plumbing connections

This is a very reasonable price for a home in your garden, that is fully kitted out and can be built in just 5 days!

To learn more talk to the Zedbox team on 0800 242 5676 or visit their website we suggest you request their brochure pack.

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