5 Crazy Uses For Sheds

The humble shed; usually the home of old garden tools, broken pots and unused paint. But in this day and age, when space is at a premium, why not utilise your garden shed and do something really interesting with it? Check out some of our ideas below.

Turn it into a family playhouse

Tired of having the kids running around under your feet all day, leaving toys all over the house and traipsing mud all over your cream carpets? If you have an under used shed, it can be the perfect playhouse for your children. Not only can it be a fun family project, it allows your children to be creative and have some input into the design and layout of the space. There are also lots of ideas online for personalising your playhouse.

Create a summerhouse (with an extra bathroom!)

Why not make your shed into a little summerhouse? It could be a nice retreat for the whole family which you can decorate to your taste, and you could even put in a little shower room for when the morning queues for the bathroom get too long! Digital showers are perfect for extenstions (or sheds), as they are eco-friendly and save on water and energy use. You’ll find Mira digital showers combine flexibility and style, and use wireless technology, perfect for a second shower room or guest shower.

Use it as an outdoor office

Dylan Thomas famously wrote from his shed, but you don’t need to be a renowned poet to use your shed as a work space. Utilising your shed to create an outdoor office can be a great way to get some peace and tranquillity while you work. And having an office space separate from the house can be particularly helpful if you have children studying for exams, as it removes the temptation for them to be distracted by television, video games and the internet.

Create your own backyard gym

OK, so you probably won’t be able to fit Crunch Fitness in there, but it is possible to create a small gym space in your own shed. Even if it’s just the addition of a treadmill and a place to store your weights, exercise ball or yoga mats, having that space so close to your house can be hugely motivational (especially on those days when you’re too lazy to go to the gym). And having your own place to work out can save you a fortune on gym memberships.

Create a space for your pets

If you love animals, but don’t love the idea of having them in the house, a shed can be a great compromise. Bigger than a kennel, it’s a great place to keep your dog’s bed and is somewhere safe and warm for them to sleep at night. Keeping animals like rabbits and guinea pigs in a hutch in the shed also shelters your pets from animals that can prey on them, such as urban foxes.

Get creative and don’t let your shed go to waste! Utilising your shed can save you a fortune on costly renovation work to your home, and can provide an additional multi-use space to use however you like.

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