3 of the best garden improvements to add value to your home

Guest Post – looking at the top ways to improve your home

In an economy where it is all about saving and making money, we need to spend our money wisely in and around the home, and it is no different when it comes to garden improvements.

In this article I intend to give you three great garden improvements which will add substantial value to your home and the benefits of doing so.

A conservatory

The conservatory has become one of the most common home improvements in and around Britain in the last few years, but today I am classing it as a garden improvement. Why you might ask? Simply because in order to build a conservatory we need to extend over part of our garden and it is usually a part of the garden that isn’t much use anyway.

A conservatory may be a fairly expensive project to begin with however when it comes to selling your home you will see the benefits on the valuation. Estate agents and surveyors are very likely to see a well decorated, well formatted conservatory too add a fair amount onto the valuation of any home, due to that fact it is adding another room.

One reason why I picked the conservatory as a good garden improvement is because with the weather in Britain being as bad as it is at times, the conservatory can still be enjoyed to the full no matter what, compared to some garden improvements like a hot tub, where you can only full enjoy the luxuries on the nice weather!

Adding a new decking area or improving your old

Decking can be seen also as a new room to your home, and when the sun is out, get probably more use then most of your home.

It will not cost too much money in order to add a decking area to your garden, and if you already have one but you feel it is slightly run down? Then by adding a lick of paint and sanding down any areas that look like they have seen their best days, you can transform your decking area into a place of enjoyment and relaxation once again.

Surveyor’s and estate agents along with potential buyers are usually attracted to decking and patio areas, mainly because if they are in place. Then it is another thing crossed off the checklist when it comes to improvements that need doing to your home, and for hardly a lot of money your homes valuation could improve drastically, with a simple bit of landscape gardening!

When you create your beautiful decking or even patio area, or simply update your old one why not look to add some modern outdoor furniture to your collection? This improvement can be something that brings elegance, style and modernisation to your garden and I would strongly advise doing so, if you want your home too look as good as it possibly can.

Adding a beautiful garden room

A garden room is my personal favourite of the three improvements I have addressed in this article and I will explain why.

First of all with a garden room you can literally do whatever you want with it! From having a small garden room just big enough to install a home office to a large one with enough room for your son’s hideout or gym!

The garden room in my opinion is the best invention to date when adding to your garden with the range of possibilities endless. Popular designs include things like an outdoor dining room or a guest room.

As I spoke with the conservatory about adding an extra room to the home, the garden room takes it to a completely other level! You in some ways are limited to what you can do in the conservatory due to size restrictions; however the garden rooms can be as big as you want.

From the outside as a surveyor, buyer or an estate agent, the garden room will be a huge selling point to any home and can add substantial value in the long run.

I would advise this if you have the space required to make your garden the best it can possibly be!

This article was provided by Ryan Hirst who writes garden and home improvement articles for


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